Hey everybody! I had a great chat online with a Bergdorf Beauty Advisor! This is how it went:
Thank you for contacting our Bergdorf Goodman Beauty Advisor.

It was a pleasure to chat with you today, below is our chat dialog.

Wylie: Hi Tracy! I saw the note from the BG Twitter TL & thought I’d try out Live Beauty Chat. How does the free gift with the Beauty Event Work?
Tracy: That’s great, our Beauty bag is filled with the best samples.
You receive the bag and samples with any $200 or more beauty purchase
Wylie: I have a few questions: What’s the BIG DEAL about La Mer…Why is it popular & pricy? Does La Mer have anything for dry chapped lips?
Tracy: La Mer is product created from sea kelp,that addresses many skin concerns. The Lip Balm, I will send you the link
Wylie: Is Creed Virgin Island Water (or Silver Mountain) available online?
Tracy: La Mer Lip Balm Link 

Wylie: Thanks for the lip balm link.
Tracy: One moment while we check inventory
Wylie: What extra low or clearance surprises can we find in the Beauty Department?
Tracy: We have both Creed fragrances available
Tracy: Do you want to know what is on sale in Cosmetics that we have available Online?
Wylie: I want to know about special or surprise sales…current or recent or things that normally dont go on sale…
Tracy: Are you a Bergdorf Goodman card holder?
Wylie: I have the Neimans Chargeplate.
Tracy: Neiman Marcus offers a Mid-Day Dash sale, are you familiar with that?
Wylie: Mid-Day Dash… I haven’t been keeping up. Guess I should read the stuff they send…LOL. Are you really a BG BeautyGirl or are you customer service call center staff? List Five Faves available online…
Tracy: My background is Cosmetics, 14 years and going
Wylie: Yessss! Give me your top five fave items for your makeup bag with brandnames please…
Tracy: My top favorites may not be yours, everyone’s skin is different from texture, to color, to sensitivity
Wylie: Just wondering what you use in general… not for me per se. I just like comparing brands & seeing what people who deal in cosmetics actually like to use… Five Faves?
Tracy: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, YSL Touche Eclat, Nars Velvet Lip Pencil and Natura Bisse Gylco Peel
Tracy: It’s quite the list of favorites and I have more
Tracy: I also love the Clarisonic
Wylie: Yes…It is! I am not familiar with Natura Bisse…What is that? Not the peel…I mean the line…
Wylie: What does Clarisonic make?
Tracy: Natura Bisse is used in spa’s, from Barcelona,Spain
Tracy: They have range of amazing products based on categories
Tracy: One of the categories is NB Ceutical for skin that is intolerant or highly sensitive
Tracy: I will send you the link for Clarisonic
Tracy: Clarisonic 

You may also contact us via live chat on the
Bergdorf Goodman website Monday through Friday,
9am to 5pm CST.  Simply click on the special
Beauty Question bubble found on the product

Thank you again for shopping with Bergdorf Goodman Online.
We look forward to assisting you in the future.  

Tracy Ganser
NM & BG Beauty Advisor Director

The chat was informative! You should try it!

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