Wylie J. Stokeshart
                A consummate commentator on life, style, and society, Wylie is excited about being a member of the staff at Blondie’s Lipstick (BL).
                “The leadership and staff at BL represent the best of what’s going on in blogtorialism today. The wide variety of interests, the high level of expertise, and the fresh perspective presented by my colleagues are the patagium that make for the exciting and ever-evolving atmosphere at BL which let’s us soar.  BL is a compendium of the work of thought-leaders. I absolutely love it here!”
                Wylie loves the design worlds of fashion, beauty, and decorating which he combines with a love of art, music, travel and cuisine. As a life-long learner, Wylie lists literature, film, leadership in organizations, pedagogy, and philanthropy as particular subjects of interest.
                You can count on Wylie bringing you the best most thought-provoking conversations on topics ranging from antiquity to contemporary society. Keep a lookout for his “World Wide Wylie” column and be inspired by his “Toteable Quotes”.

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