**Fab Mamacita** Erica Jones joins us with the story of her little miss Jayden
My first reaction wasn’t sad or happy it was just Blah (for lack of better words). I knew that if I got pregnant it would happen sooner or later because me and my boyfriend at the time weren’t doing anything to protect ourselves from pregnancy. So it wasn’t a surprise it was more of a “Now what?” The only thing that was going through my mind was that “Am I going to be able to take care of a baby”. But I didn’t cry or feel any sadness. I guess it’s the coolness in me. Lol!
My family wasn’t as supportive as I had hoped. My baby father’s family was very supportive and became my support system throughout my whole pregnancy and still till this day they continue to support and help greatly with my daughter. My family finally came around when she was born and now they love her. They say it takes a village to raise a child but I can honestly say I have a city. My emotions weren’t that of a pregnant woman. I didn’t have any pregnant symptoms. It was an easy 
pregnancy. Yea I had the occasional mood swings but everything other than that was simple.  
 My delivery WAS AWFUL…. First I was a week late so the doctors decided to induce me. So I sat in the birthing room for 24 hours with my daughters father, my bff, and two close friends (even though they weren’t invited) It was easy at first until the contractions started then the pain of  birth began and when they say it’s the worst pain you will EVER feel in your life.. THEY WERNT LYING! The pain of giving birth is the equivalent to a woman having her worse menstrual cycle x 10. I remember everybody telling me to push and me wanting to not push anymore. The doctor refused to give me a c-section because was to far dilated so with the little strength I had, I kept pushing. Then finally my daughter was born on March 18 of 2008 and all I remember thinking was… Why does she have a conehead? When my baby arrived I was tired, hungry, and in pain, so I didn’t get that lovey dovey feeling right away. I just wanted to rest. I tried to breastfeed but quickly gave up. The best thing about the whole delivery process is the support from my friends. I had A LOT of guests to come see me in the hospital was a humbling feeling. 
Looking back at it now it seemed so easy but going through it back then it was hard. I was in school up until the day I got induced, came out the hospital (with stitches) to take both my regents test. Then went home for three weeks and came RIGHT back to school. I didn’t have a break because to me it wasn’t any other options but to finish school. Jaylen was a month old when she came to Albany with me and me and her dad held it down until I graduated. Nothing really changed with my campus activities. I still was able to do EVERYTHING I wanted to do, my daughter would just come with me. She was in the radio station with me, at my meetings with me, and sometimes in class with me. My relationships with my friends remained the same and some grew. It wasn’t hard just added a challenge to my every day activities. 
The reason why I keep myself looking so fabulous is because people put a stigma on single mothers but I’m here to say I’m a single (well not quite single ; ) ) mother and look great. I didn’t start modeling (foreal foreal) until after my baby was born and since then I’ve gotten more jobs than I did before she was born. Started my own business, and finished college. That just goes to show that nothing is impossible, too difficult, or out of your reach. A lot of people may think that having kids young or out of wedlock is a step back but it was honestly my comeback. Since I’ve had Jaylen I’ve become the person I always wanted to be a highly motivated individual.

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