It’s that time again…the month of February will be here in just a few days!  People will begin to obsess about what he or she should get for that very special valentine.  Flowers, candy, and different stuffed animals start to appear everywhere you look.  From department stores to local gas stations, one can find many gifts for that special someone.
 Is this really what the “big day” is all about?  Do people really believe that only materialistic things are the only way to show your love and affection for another person?  It is important not to get lost or caught up in all things that glitter.
Do you ever take the time out to show God how much you love him?  Do you dedicate a whole day to him showering him with praise and worship?  Do you confess your undying love for the man who created all?  Why is it that people can feel completely comfortable with going along with what everyone else is doing? 
God made the ultimate sacrifice for you and loves you even when others turn their backs to you.  Even in your darkest hour when you might lose faith, God still loves you.  If people can find the time to do this for a significant other then it should be an easier task for people to show love to God.
            Always remember that self-love is important too!  Do not give so much that you find you have nothing left to offer yourself.  Spending money and preparing a whole day of love is exciting and fun of course, but do not forget about yourself. 
How can you feel love for others if you neglect yourself?  Valentine’s Day is a day of love, for God, yourself, and the special person in your life.  Of course you do not need only one day for self expression and love, but if you must celebrate include everybody in your life.  Spread love and endearing feelings for God, friends, and anyone else in your life.

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