The day of love is quickly approaching. The closer it gets to Valentine’s Day, the more of an opportunity there is for the fellas to inadequately choose a last minute gift. Showcasing your love on this day is very important. Why? It will ensure pleasure on both ends. Make her happy and she’ll do the same. That’s the ultimate goal anyway right? That’s why your gift cant be mediocre. It has to be something she can remember over a period of time. Your gift shouldn’t just be a Valentines Day gift, it should be something she can think about over the days and months afterward.

The cliche’ says “think outside of the box.” But for Valentine’s day dudes need to convey how the box fits around them. Meaning don’t look for the obvious. Its okay to step outside of the norm and yourself, in order to please your loved one. Remember, this is a day that you want to be remembered.

What’s most important to note is that money isn’t to much of a factor when contemplating on what gifts to get. There’s something special for every girl, and for every budget. This is why creativity is the most important thing. The idea is to create a romantic fantasy that will allow her to escape her own reality and enter into a realm of complete blissfulness.

Some things to consider when you’re planning to surprise the boo:
What are her favorite colors?
What does she like to do?
Who’s her favorite actor/dream guy? (you can get real creative off this idea)
What is her ideal aphrodisiac?

Put thought into your gift. Anybody can purchase a bear, get chocolates and say “Happy Valentine’s Day.” If your girl is old-fashioned and would appreciate such gifts, add it to your creative romantic gesture. Just don’t let that be it. Times are changing and that’s becoming a thing of the past

Although the day is not necessarily about us, we should engaged thoroughly in making sure she has a great day. Playing on ideas using her favorite things will win you some major “Good Loving.” There are only 14 days left till the big day. MAKE IT POP!!!


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  • Ummm, goosebumps as the awesome detail in your writing….this is tooooo good *in my redneck voice*….guys should really read this…I, personally, am one of those women who think that flowers and chocolate tell me nothing about how you feel…these are my thoughts exactly….I'm very impressed….I'm such a Jhou groupie….#loveit

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