Relationships One to Many: Part II
Why People are afraid of Commitment
          As a little girl, we all dream of our fairytale wedding with our prince, but once we get older and live life, our outlook changes; through experiencing good and bad relationships, being in the single realm, dating pool, and focusing on our careers. We always feel that the one we are with is a great person, but God may have someone better in store. Men and women tend to get stuck in relationship limbo…“I always thought I’d have this magical moment where I would meet someone and there’d be this instant clicking and we would literally be married six months later,” a girl says. SORRY…IN TODAY’S SOCIETY, THAT 40’s, WWII IMAGE DOES NOT EXIST! We never seem to appreciate or commit to the one we are with. For many of us, falling in love — and deciding that yes, this time it’s meant to last forever — is not as easy as it seems.
          According to Airlines Magazine and Wired, there are five things that keep people from settling down:
1.    Your list of “must-haves” for a romantic partner is unattainable
2.   You’re unwilling to compromise in relationships
3.   You’re afraid of intimacy
4.   You pick partners that share your interests, but not your values and goals
5.   You believe there’s only one soul mate out there waiting for you
All five reasons are undeniably true. This may be even more true for men and women that are career driven and may have had unstable homes as children. They are afraid to submit and let their hearts speak. By taking a good look at your own place in the world and your values, you can recognize whether you’re dating the person you’re going to stay with long-term — or simply dating around
          Bentley Marie
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