Lost in a sea of darkness
Feeling my way through the dark
Sometimes its a cake walk- smooth surfaces, even ground
and encouragement to know I’m doing the right thing
But other times, a lot of times
I prick my hand holding on to the rail,
I stumble on a rock or run into a wall,
and there’s a silence surrounding me making me feel
        and scared.
The only thing that gets me through these times
is knowing that in my heart lies the best guide
HE is the only reason that after my knees are bloody,
hands cut up,
feet are blistered,
eyes blacked
body tired . . .
that I can still smile.
Cause if it weren’t for the storm I’d never appreciate the sunshine.
So I’m gonna hush my fears and quiet my tears
because I know HE’ll never leave me
and always lead me through!


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