Trying to make the best of an unhappy situation takes focus and courage. It can be done. If you have been following the articles on Stupid Bitch Syndrome you are aware of its dangers. The most important danger being, losing oneself. Once you have accepted to live the life as a Recovering Bitch you’ll reap remarkable benefits that will make you feel like you can overcome any situation.
The RB has to first understand that the road to recovery is in fact a long road. The end of it may take some time reaching. This period of trotting is the perfect amount of time needed to focus on building the self. Take advantage of only having to worry about you. Do things that will ultimately contribute to your happiness. This is not the opportunity to “get loose,” but simply explore the world and live for you.
This journey will do two things. It will either make you or break you. You are officially in control of how you will bounce back from being a SB. Will you return to an unhappy situation or will you better yourself so you can be ready for the happy relationship? In order to successfully recover, right decisions and quick choices will have to be made. Prepare yourself to have to think and act on impulse. You never know what could be thrown at you on any given day. Set yourself up to react accordingly to unwanted phone calls, and apologies.
Your strength will be tested on numerous occasions. Its during this stage where past mistakes reappear. This presents you with the opportunity to not make the same mistake twice. You will get to the point where you will notice these situations and are able to move pass them. Don’t get caught up. A set back is not promising once you’ve reached the RB stage. Stay on top of your game.
There will be some high points, and not to mention the low ones. Music is a way to cope with negative situations. Sounds have a way to be very soothing. Yielding calmness and relaxation is a benefit of listening to music. Cry. Mediate. Breathe. Get it out of your system. Enduring the heartache and reflecting on what went wrong is a good way to advance in this stage of recovery.

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