Our Designer of the Month is Honor Roll Clothing Group, a hot, new urban line straight out of Atlanta! The visionaries behind what is sure to be the new direction of street wear consist of Blair Caffey, Darnell Shepherd, and Ramanda Miller. We caught up with head designer Blair Caffey at their in-store release at Sole Boutique to learn all about the company and their goals for the future.
The positivity infused clothing line was created in 2008, became a legal business in October 2009 and has been appearing on stars such as Wale and Sammie, an amazing accomplishment for the trio to only be in their early twenties. Fueled by the fashion’s negative views displayed in typical urban wear, the group set out to change the game and inspire the world. The name Honor Roll Clothing Group comes from all of us not necessarily being honor roll students in school, but rather honor roll students in life.  
 One of their slogans (my personal fav) ‘Pardon my Excellence’ is as Caffey says “Is basically a middle finger to the haters out there. I feel like God made all of us unique, it’s like saying forgive me for being great.” Gaining influence from God, life experiences, music, and literally anything on the street makes their clothes very relatable and their logo and slogans bring out the dreamer in all of us. Selling to business men, hustlers and college students, (Shirts around $24- $30, Sweatshirts/Hoodies are$40- $50) the reasonably priced line is flying off the shelves!
What are the future goals for these stars on the clothing group? At the moment Honor Roll is a men’s clothing line, not like that ever stopped a true fashionista, but it’s possible they will soon expand to a women’s line!! And keep your eyes peeled because this threesome plans on being a household name within the next five years. In my opinion, that’s a goal that’s well in reach. Congrats on all your success HRCG, we will definitely see you all at the top!! BL
Contact HRCG:
Follow them on twitter @honorrollcg

or email them at info@honorshop.com

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