Feeling a little round now that the holidays are over? Or perhaps your New Year’s Resolution was to loose a few? Regardless of your motive, here are a few tips to kick start that new workout routine from James Davis and Quentin Jude, instructors at the Wellness Center.

  • “If you enjoy your exercise it will actually destress you. It will release those hormones that will make you feel better, but then that goes along with if you don’t enjoy it you’re not going to do it. That’s why there’s so many different things out there now.”

  • “Have days set out that you’re going to stick to a plan and get a basic, simple diet. Stick with it that’s the main thing a lot of people have great ideas for new years resolutions and don’t stick to it.”

  • “Don’t just keep the same routine you’ve kept for all your life because your body gets used to it. You get used to it and then you don’t burn as many calories, it’s not a stressor for it. The actual stressor makes your body adjust to it and decide ok I’ve got to something a little bit different and you actually burn more calories that way.”

Davis and Jude also advise throwing away the leftovers to fully commit to your diet. Also throw out the sweets and start back drinking water, eating protein and taking some supplements (get back to Protein Promo – got my bikini body using these coupons), good carbs, fruits and vegetables.

Follow these tips & you’ll be on the fast track to slimming down in no time!

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