Its a New Year! Hello to 2011. For a lot of people, 2011 is going to be their year. People are working hard trying to figure out what things they are going to do differently than in 2010. In order to make the New Year a great year, you should set goals that are relevant to what you want to accomplish. 
You must establish a purpose for why you want to accomplish these goals. What are you reasons behind wanting to do something different? These questions have to be answered in order to put your goals into motion.
People like to set goals but don’t actually work to fulfill them. We are all guilty of this. So how do you carry out your wish list without making it just another piece of paper on the refrigerator?
Here are some tips to use when you are writing those resolutions. They will ensure that you have a prosperous year.
Be specific. Explicitly say how you are going to accomplish each goal. For example, a goal could be to save money. Don’t just say “I want to save money in 2011.” Your list should reflect HOW you are going to do so.
Be realistic. Don’t set goals that you know you can’t accomplish. This creates unwanted frustrations.
Have a limit to what you’re trying to accomplish in a year. The list shouldn’t be a full page. Yes you want to change a lot of things but take baby steps. Setting to many goals creates anxiety when you fail to complete the entire list.
Be proactive. Take the necessary steps ahead of time needed in order to get your resolutions going. Just because its on a list, doesn’t mean its just going to happen because you want it to.
Make the most of your New Year. Remember positivity is the key to a happy and healthy year. Your goals should be chosen wisely and necessary actions should be taken to make certain they are fulfilled.
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