Are you poisoning me?
With your love
And sweet words……
With your calls
And emails…..
With your time
And gifts……..
And if you are, are you trying to be my only remedy?
For the feelings you give me
For the person you’re making me become
And the time spent?
It’s becoming clearer as the days pass
I’m becoming addicted
Dare I say it….
Dare I even think it
Like a drug, I can feel you pass thru my system
Igniting things that set my whole body on fire and I feel like I’m floating…
But also like a drug, what happens when I come back down?
Will you be there to catch me?
To set me on fire again and again?
Or will I come down off of my high and realize that the drug is gone and I’m left feeling
I need an endless supply of you
A constant surplus of whatever it is that only you possess that has me reaching and begging for more
So, am I poisoned?
But if you’re my remedy, I don’t mind
If I can live all of my days on the roller coaster that is comprised of you and all you represent, I will consider myself blessed
And privileged
Poison me…
Get me high….
And just let me…..float


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