With the New Year only days in, it’s imperative that I start the articles on the Recovering Bitch. I’m talking about all of the people who don’t want to bring that unnecessary, unwanted, drama into the New Year with them. The RB focuses on the self. They must work on ways to make themselves feel wanted and appreciated. This has to be accomplished before they can give themselves to anybody else.
“Out with the old and in with the New.” People love to use this slogan when referring to the desire to move past unhappy relationships. This slogan is often heard at the beginning of the year. As a way to tell yourself “Its over!” But is it really? We have learned some of the qualities of a SB and can point that person out if we see or hear some of those SB characteristics. Now, a SB doesn’t stay a SB all of their life. Eventually, they come around. Often coming to realization that they deserve better. The beginning stage of the Recovering Bitch is when they, as an SB, remove themselves from any remnants of the past.
During the transition from SB to RB, a person is feeling completely lost. Its during this time that the SB is vulnerable. They are observing the relationship, placing fault on themselves, and even think about going back to their messy situation. How do you know you are transitioning to the stage of RB? Well, it’s the decision to ultimately want to fight for yourself, and no matter what emotions are present you decide not to go back.
In the next series of articles, we will examine the strength of the RB as they attempt to journey the road back to a healthy, happy life. I want my readers to gain an extra perspective on the things they need to know in order to move past being the SB. This information will be extremely useful and will successfully place the now RB back into the world as a useful member of society.
Stay tuned…
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