Dorian Carter
5 Healthy Eating Tips While Pregnant
I stuck to a strict diet while pregnant….EAT STRICTLY WHAT I WANT! Ha! I wish, in the beginning months of pregnancy, around 1-4 months is when i ate EVERYTHING! From french fries, to cheesesticks, and chicken nuggets to slushies, sundaes, and the RECOMMENED WATER….i ate it all. However, I PAID FOR BEIN A FATTY MCFATSTER, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes specifically for my OVER ABUNDANCE of french fries, which inadvertently turned into SUGAR. I didn’t have to take insulin or anything BUT in my last couple months, 7-10….i was on diet control having to supplement white for wheat, LIMITED potatoes and pasta :(, and SUGAR FREE DRINKS! It was the worse, however my healthy baby was more important that satisfying my sweet tooth and french fries appetite. I paid for my earlier eating habits later, and wish I would’ve been more cautious.
So some quick tips on healthy eating are:
2.Eat your fruits & veggies
3. Eat adequate amounts of whole grains
4. Try baking, sauting, or grilling instead of frying.
5. TAKE YOUR PRENATALS BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR (1) MEAL EVERYDAY! Folic acid is very important for brain and eye development.

1. DO ATTEND CHILDBIRTH CLASSES! Very important, and critical to not only your pregnancy, but after the baby is born as well! Your mate should attend as well for support, they will learn and remember things for you IN LABOR! 😉
2. DO maintain healthy hygiene, it is important for you and your baby. Plus, who wants to smell somebody walking, eating, and sweating for two?
3.DON’T lose yourself in your pregnancy!! Stick to your normal habits and routines, IF SAFE, to deter from depression.
4. DON’T get involved in drama or situations to stress or put the health of you or the baby in jeopardy…if you feel it coming on, MOVE AWAY AND CALM DOWN!
5. DO READ ALOT!! Pregnancy books, magazines, pregnancy websites and even Google are very informative! My boyfriend and I have been reading since i was 12 weeks….our baby is 7 months AND WE STILL READ! New parents can NEVER know enough!
6. DO save your money for the baby. Start a baby fund to get things you might not get from a baby shower. I had 2 baby showers, and still had to buy a rocker, baby tub, and of course MORE DIAPERS!!
7. DON’T forget, you are a woman!! KEEP YOURSELF UP! Hair, nails, SIZE APPROPRIATE  fashionable clothing.
8. DO exercise, by doing lite housework, walking with someone, and opting out of the car for classes one building apart!!
You will receive lots of stress while pregnant, it comes with the territory. HOWEVER, how you deal with stress is what’s important. Don’t let people tell you so much, that you lose common sense. You know, those “IVE HAD 5 KIDS” type mommas who think they are Mother Hubbard but are raising Damon and Rosemary’s baby?…YEA… I mean sure enough advice is good, but not all advice is good for YOUR BABY. I took in alot, listened to some, but I ACTAUALLY TRIED little, with that little being what I heard from people AND doctors. Don’t forget, you have licensed people to help you who are PAID to inform on what’s good for you and the baby….DONT STRESS, there is help. 😉 Lastly, surround yourself with friends & loved ones to help reduce stress and keep you occupied and happy.
I have heard from alot of people that they experienced postpartum depression. Thankfully, I didn’t experience that. It all starts in the hospital to me. Have caring, stress free people around you during and after the birthing experience. My mom & boyfriend switched up nights and days staying by my side. Get as much rest as possible as well because once you go home, that first week is HELL WEEK! We opted out of leaving our baby at home, so family came to help but after they were gone, he had days, and mommy had nights. Bond with your baby, get to know your baby, read, play music, and sing to your baby to build a better bond. Breastfeeding is also rewarding for mothers, not to mention healthy for the baby.

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