**New** Blondie’s Lipstick is branching out to MUSIC!! We will now be featuring the hottest up and coming rappers, singers and musicians so check em out!! Our first artist is the very talented and very silly . . .

We put the Atl rapper in the hot seat and this is what he had to say: 

Blondie’s Lipstick All artists have a signature style, describe yours Ro.A Intense.. defiantly something new !..  
BL What influenced your style?  Ro My influences would have to be my environment as well as all the talented people around me.. i listen to all kinds of music.. 
BL Okay, a lover of music. Well what kind of message should your listeners get from your music? Ro The message i want people to get from my music is that i wanna live.. we all deserve to live… we all deserve feel alive and there’s so much out there we’ve never seen or felt. 
BL That’s deep! Where do you plan to go with your music? Ro its more than just a hobby but at the end of the day if i never got a dime for making music i’d still be doing it.. its truly apart of who i am.. i couldn’t change that if i wanted to. 
BL So we hear music isn’t the only thing you do, you also have a clothing line. Tell us about that. Ro Well yea i’m co-founder of a clothing line.. called Peer’d Clothing and right now we’re based out of Atlanta. To make a long story short i’ve always been into fashion and i’ve always wanted to start a  line, it was just a matter of me doing it. Peer’d is really just a word that we made up. it means perfectly weird. basically saying to people that no matter how weird you may seem in the worlds eyes you’re perfect bcuz thats how God made you. Pretty much saying that your happy with who you are F what anyone thinks about you.. 
BL I like! Okay, last question: Tell us something our readers should know about you Ro  i guess what you guys should know about me is that im very dedicated my artistry and i wont let you down.. i’m a Leo lol  oh and i hate peas !!! 

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