It’s the last few days before the biggest gift giving holiday of the year and perhaps you haven’t gotten a gift for that special lady in your life? Well fret no more, **Blondie’s Lipstick** is hear 2 help! Here are three types of women and several gift ideas for each one. Happy shopping!!
Tokaree *Easy*
Tokaree is our a vaunt guard, try almost anything once type of girl. Her clothes are always eye catching because the world is her runway! This is the diva who if you leave her in a room with a garbage bag, duct tape and scissors, she’ll come out rocking a shiny mini dress & matching accessories. So what to get this daring fashionista?:
  • Tokaree loves originality. Find a website that allows you to customize a gift & get her something that can’t be duplicated- for example Nike, Polo, Convers, etc.
  • Under $20- Since she can rock anything, get her something retro from a thrift store. She’ll love something unique that’s guaranteed to not show up on anyone else
  • Technological- Our fashionista loves to stay up to date technologically too. She’s in love with her X-Box and Wii so get her the newest Rockband or the Wii-Fit
Porschia *Moderate*
Porschia is our in between. Sometimes she’s daring and out there, other times she diva chill in a t-shirt, jeans & heels. Regardless of what she has on she always puts her best foot forward and stays photo ready! So what to get this part time casual, part time dressy diva?:
  • Porschia is a shoe fanatic! Watch her face light up when she opens a box marked Steve Madden or Chinese Laundry
  • Under $20- Always smelling good, get this diva a fragrance set from Bath and Body Works
  • Technological- Porschia is always up on the latest trends and celeb gossip. Get this girl on the go an iPad
Chris *Hard*
Now Chris is tricky. Like Porschia, her wardrobe can be casual or dressy, the difference is two things- her style changes like the wind (one day she’s a rocker, next she’s in J’s and jeans, the day after that she’s in sparkly pumps and a tank) and she stays in her comfort zone of colors. So what to get this wild card diva?:
  • As an artist, Chris loves things made out of creativity. Go to a craft store an make her some jewelry or a pottery shop and make her a centerpiece or candy dish.
  • Under $20- This lover of music would really appreciate a gift card for their iPod or Zune
  • Technological- Chris is also our musician. She loves to sing, write music and perform. Get this song bird a Casio keyboard or song writing software for her laptop

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