It’s the last few days before the biggest gift giving holiday of the year and perhaps you haven’t gotten a gift for that special someone? Well fret no more, **Blondie’s Lipstick** is hear 2 help! Here are three types of guys and several gift ideas for each one. Happy shopping!!
Kwab *Easy*
Kwab is our athlete. You can pretty much guess what he’s going to wear each day –graphic tee, jeans and Nikes, a white tee, basketball shorts and athletic slides or some variation of those items. Every blue moon he might switch it up with a polo shirt or some dress pants but he pretty much stay in that zone. So what do you get the athlete in your life?:
  • He lives in gym clothes so why not help him get in shape. A home gym system or gym membership will guarantee to have him in shape when his season comes around
  • Under $20- Kwab loves baseball and anything to help better his game. Check out TJ Maxx to see if you can find him some batting gloves or other baseball accessories
  • Technological- As a lover of sports and technology he’ll love a video game dealing with fighting or sports. Try MLB 2K10 or Call of Duty: Black Ops
Jerry *Moderate*
Jerry is our in between. When you see him he could have on a graphic tee and jeans, a polo and khakis, or a button down, dress slacks and square toes. His dress fluctuates from day to day depending on his mood but he always puts his best foot forward. So what do you get the fashion wild card in your life?:
  • Always smelling good, get him one of the new 4 Polo Colognes or American Eagle’s new Vintage for Men
  • Under $20- Since he likes to dress up every now and then a nice colorful tie from Calvin Klien, Perry Ellis, or DKNY
  • Technological- Jerry is our aspiring filmmaker so why not get him a MacBook Air with film editing soft ware
Aston *Hard*
Aston is our hardhead. Everyone knows that guy who practically only wears clothes from a particular brand, be it Polo, Jordan, Hollister, American Apparel, etc. No matter how many times you try to help him open up his fashion mindset he stays in his rut. So how do coax your hardhead into a gift he’ll love?:
  • This well-dressed man loves to be on time. Help him go everywhere in style when you get him a Seiko watch from your nearest jewelry store
  • Under $20: It’s cold out there and as a musician Aston needs to keep his pipes warm. Get him a nice scarf from a local department store that will easily transcend his wardrobe from day to day
  • Technology- As musician and artist he will appreciate anything that will help him hone his craft. Watch him light up when he unwraps the latest Beats by Dre

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