The temp is steadily dropping, the wind is whipping outside and layers are no longer just for looks. That can only mean one thing: WINTER! Now personally I’m not a fan of the winter months (I’m a summer baby!), but I love fashion too much to not be able to appreciate a nice pea coat or a pair of hot suede boots or any other cold weather attire. But just because its dull outside doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to be! I don’t know who thought it was a rule to wear bright colors in the warm moths and restrict yourself to winter white, grey, black and brown for cold months, but we all know some rules were meant to be broken J
Now with every broken rule there are right and wrong ways to execute it. Prime example of how you don’t want to look- stroll down memory lane back to the 80’s & early 90’s. BIG no no!! lol! Instead of thinking “I want to be as decorated as the Christmas tree”, try signature pieces that are eye catching but not over powering.

 Hats- Beanies and beret’s are always cute and stylish but if you want to step it up a little try a felt flapper hat

Scarves- These are all weather accessories but just remember to pick a thicker fabric to be more functional in winter
Shoes- Your shoe game should always be fabulous regardless of the weather, but in winter make sure they have a sole with a grip or you could hurt yourself (casts are never in style!)
Gloves- Step outside of the norm and check out some gloves at Hot Topic and other alternative clothing retailers. Their fingerless gloves are really cute
Coat- Don’t just get a coat for warmth! Experiment with patterns and cut to better flatter your silhouette

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