When a person is dealing with Stupid Bitch Syndrome, they tend to lose sight of reality. The reality that is needed in order to function with a decent amount of sanity.  I say “decent amount” because in some way, form or fashion we all are a little crazy. Sometimes, we place ourselves in situations where we know the outcome will not be to our liking, but we follow through with hopes that the situation will change.
In this article on Stupid Bitch Syndrome I want to address the concept of “change”. This idea corrupts the mind in ways that are not healthy to any individual. What makes this symptom so devastating is the fact that we can all agree on, “no one person can change an individual.” But, don’t we try anyway?
We hold on to the hope that a person will change their ways.  People, do come around and change.  But every change has a transitional period. It’s a process. It’s work that requires deep attention, and focus on the self.  In this transitional period of “change,” it’s okay to be down right SELFISH.  It’s this process that betters a person.  During this time though, being involved with someone is not the best idea.
The time it takes to get through this transitional period is the problem. Especially, when another party (meaning you) is involved. A Stupid B**** wastes time thinking that it’ll all come to pass. Not realizing, that determining when a person changes is virtually impossible. This process could take months, even years. Who has that kind of time?
Lets talk about the SB. A Stupid B**** places their happiness on hold, patiently waiting for the day their mate will change.  Although this is temporary the long term effects can be detrimental to your mind. 
During the mate’s transitional period, the SB feels:
Rebellious- in the sense of doing anything to make the mate mad.
The desire and hope to show someone a better outlook on life is a complete waste of time.  Patiently waiting for your lover to see the light yields these problems:
Unwanted headaches
More arguments about nothing
Lack of trust
Desire to cheat; although you may not engage in this activity
Who has the time for this?
If people use the same amount of energy to be productive maybe a lot of other statistics would be lowered (i.e., unwanted pregnacies, graduation rate, hell even divorces).
Ultimately, a couple can’t expect to prosper together if one or both parties have “changes” underway. When you decide to commit and be with somebody the change should have already occurred. The process now lies with working together to achieve better. Not one person, or both changing themselves for better.
This article is the last of Stupid B**** Syndrome. Stay tuned for the book. Next we will examine the 
 Recovering Bitch. This is the person who has fought the SBS and is ready to move forward with life.

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