3 Tips for staying fabulous while Preggo!
By Keyondria Conner
Number One- which is the most important one in my book is DO NOT over eat…a lot of women may say it’s the perfect time to eat whatever you want, but you have to remember that your going to have to work all that extra weight off when you deliver you bundle of joy. So remember eat ‘til you are content, don’t stuff yourself. J
Number Two- stay active, try to walk at least three times a week.  That’s a great way to keep your weight maintain and to help prepare your body for delivery.
Number Three- Always look Fabulous! One thing I notice while I was pregnant is that everyone pays extra close attention to you during those 9 nine months then any other time in your life. So always make sure your hair & makeup are on point and that you are wearing a nice outfit whenever you step out the house.
3 Tips for staying fabulous after baby!
Number One- invest in a product called a Belly bandit. I ordered one online and put it on the second day after I gave birth and it worked wonders, it helped in the process of shrinking my belly as well as supporting my back.
Number Two- start an exercise regime as soon as your doctor gives you the ok.  It’s best to begin ASAP because from what I have told by other mothers is that baby weight is the hardest to lose.
Number Three- have confidence, remember fabulousity comes from within!!!

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