I decided to begin Stupid Bitch Syndrome by addressing the issue of TIME. Listening to people who have a strong case of SBS, I’ve concluded that the length of time a person has committed into a given relationship is a cause of why the disease is so prominient. A Stupid Bitch, places emphasis on time invested in hopes of justifying the reasons they deal with unnecessary mess. In this report from the guide we will examine why TIME itself should not be a factor in determining how a relationship progress.

Using TIME as a clutch, a person with Stupid Bitch Syndrome say things like but not limited to the following:
“We’ve been together forever, its something I can deal with it”
“Its been 3 years. I’m not going to let those years go to waste”
“Ill make it through this, its just a milestone”
Hypothetically, the first year was great. The second could be even better. The third was rocky, but you persevered. The fourth year you’re absolutely not happy but, the thought of the first two years consumes you with unbelieveable passion that you lose sight of the present situations. This allows for more malarky to manifest itself into your life. If TIME is something you dont want to waste, consider the length of TIME youll waste being unhappy.
Consider time in the manner of the aging process. If you’ve invested years into something thats not working, remember you’re only getting older. Does TIME determine when enough is enough? Yes. It does. If you’ve given enough TIME to make a situation work, it should only be a matter of TIME that you remove yourself from it, if there’s no progression. The length of TIME you should give is every person’s discretion however, keep in mind that TIME never stops. So its up to you to determine how long you will or should be unhappy.
If TIME is something that you consider valuable in a relationship then look to the future. How will it be in years to come? Can a future even be determined? No relationship should be based on past experiences. There’s no possible way for growth if a person is defining their happiness based on the past. Of course the first couple of months, or years will be amazing. I mean how else are you lured into the situation, SB. When your happiness is gone thats when your future should be the question.  The bottom line is, before more years are wasted on trying to recover happiness from the earlier moments, GET OUT! You only get one TIME to experience youth, and only one TIME to live. Happiness should be experienced over a course of a lifeTIME.



  • Jhou, this SBS series is right on time! We have all been a SB at one point or another. Thank you for shedding some light on these things and acknowledging the fact that we do not have to SB's all of our lives…we can decide not to be and the TIME is now…<3 the post!

  • I have definitely been a victim of using time as a crutch. 8 years of time. SB's need to realize and understand that happiness is a vital part of living. No man is worth being unhappy for because I gurantee while you are being unhappy, their doing whatever they want. Love yourself and know that you are never obligated to anybody because there is always someone out there who's willing to treat you they way you deserve to be treated. Having standards is not overated. Have them, stand by them, and demand it from whomever gets the privilege to share their time with you.

  • I have always been an advocate of TIME waits for no man. I too had to come to the realization that I must live my life for myself and stop waiting on other like a SB. If a significant other is truly meant for you and wants to be with you then they would NOT want to waste any TIME. The clock is ticking SB's…. let em know wuz up

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