These are the top Must Have accessories for winter. Pick one or try them all, either way your guaranteed to look as crisp as air outside!
Love to text but don’t want your fingers getting cold? Try a cozy pair of Fingerless Gloves. Almost every phone is touch screen these days and trust me, there’s nothing more irritating than having to take off your entire glove because you can’t txt as well with one thumb as you thought! Lol!
Want to carry over those short skirts and cute shorts but the tights and pumps or booties trick not keeping you warm enough? Get yourself a pair of Knee/Thigh Boots. Wear that cute mini over those tights or leggings, slip on a pair of these along with your coat and now your body is protected from being slammed by the direct cold.
Need a way to keep your head warm but hoods and beanies not your thing? Try a Beret. Now your head is cozy and you look beyond cute! You can also add a cute jeweled or feather pin to add a little flair.
Now Faux Fur has always been a warm and animal friendly alternative to shake up your winter wardrobe and this season is no different. Whether its trimming your boots, a furry accent on your hat or covering your coat, faux fur is alive and well in exciting colors, patterns and always oh so soft.

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