We’re starting a new series here at **Blondie’s Lipstick** celebrating the joy of motherhood. Every issue we will recognize a different mother who is beautiful, strong, fabulous and of course STYLISH!!! Said mother will share with us tips that helped her stay fabulous during those nine months and how she got her sexy back after the arrival of her bundle of joy. 

Advice From One Mommy Fashionista To Another

by: Porschia Phelps
Some women are lucky while others have to work a little harder than most. When I make this statement I’m referring to post-pregnancy weight. Some women with high metabolisms and all around good genes can shed those extra pounds they picked up while pregnant and go straight back to being as size two in a blink of an eye. While others have to enroll in gyms and try their damndest to squeeze back into their cute butt jeans! LOL! To those ladies you shouldn’t feel alone because a lot of women have been there before, including me! So here are a few fashion tips and friendly advice for those women who don’t want to be just known as mama but also as “sexy mama!”
The first tip is to invest in a really good girdle. I know what some of you are thinking, “I don’t think that I’m that big that I would need a girdle!” 
 But I implore you to hear me out before you write off my advice.  Wearing a girdle doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re overweight it’s simply a tool to help you create a more polished and trimmed look. The best advice my mom ever gave me after I gave birth is that wearing a girdle can really help in getting your stomach back to its former shape. So even if you didn’t pick up that much weight while carrying a girdle can help you in the quest to getting back to a flatter stomach. 
To those women trying to trim down but haven’t gotten to their goal weight yet my fashion advice to you would be to “layer up.” Invest in cute blazers, cardigans, and even vests. Using the layered look takes a lot of emphasis off of the midsection and it still allows a woman to feel sexy.
Another tip would be to seek out jean brands that embrace curves rather than fight against them. My personal favorites are Levi Jeans, GLO jeans and Refuge Jeans by Charlotte Russe. A personal tip I would like to offer is that no matter how you may look after giving birth embrace your situation.
If after having a child you find yourself curvier than before look in a full length mirror and honestly ask yourself, “Do I like what I see?” Sometimes being a little bigger or curvier isn’t always a bad thing. But if in the event the answer to this question is no then embrace the situation and do what you have to do to change it. Don’t complain about something if you have no intention on trying to rectify it. Go to gym, workout, cut calories do whatever it is you have to do to get to a point that you can look in the mirror and say “I like what I see!” 
 And with that said I want to leave you with a personal experience that I encountered after having my daughter. It was a month after I had just had my daughter and my C-section scar had just gotten done healing. None of my size 9 jeans would fit so I begged my mom to take me to the store to get new jeans. In my mind I was thinking that I had just gone up one pant size and was a size 11 but to my alarm every size 11 jean I tried on wouldn’t fit. So reluctantly I decided to try a size 13 and when I tried them on and they fit, I literally broke down and began to cry in the dressing room.
My mom and sister rushed in to see what was wrong and when I told them why I was crying my mom began to feel some sympathy for me but my sister just looked at me unfazed.  Then after sitting quietly as my mom gave me a hug my sister said, “You know if you hadn’t just given birth to my beautiful niece no less than a month ago I would slap you! Take a good look at yourself in the mirror those jeans look really good on you and it shouldn’t matter about what number is written on the tag as long as the jeans fit and you look good in them. So please stop with the dramatics, dry your eyes, and let’s go to this counter so you can buy those damn jeans!”  And even though at the time I may have been both shocked and maybe a little angry my little sister couldn’t have been more right. As long as you look good it doesn’t matter what size you wear. And though I haven’t gotten back to my perfect size 9 I’m embracing my situation and even if I never get back to where I was before I wouldn’t be upset because being a bootlicious size 13 is better than moping around and crying because I’m not a size 9.
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