Are there times when you feel like the more good you have going on, the more bad or evil things come your way?
What will you do when you do not know what to do?
Are you constantly searching for the reasons why things in your life are not changing?
Well if you are then I must ask you to look to God!  God knows what he is doing in your life and has a purpose for you.  He does not want you to handle every situation in your life on your own.
In fact, that is impossible to do.  How can you handle everything on your own without seeking his guidance?
There is nothing wrong with praying and talking to God because he is not judgmental.  I encourage you to do so!  You will then be able to see things more clearly and make better life decisions.
 As his children, we have to make acceptable sacrifices and in return he will lead us down the path of righteousness.
We must stop trying to make sense of things or situations that do not make sense at all.
Living under pressure and striving under pressure is not the life that he wants us to live.
Live a life of repentance.
Learn how to live and walk in Christ.

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