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The Intro….

There is an epidemic that’s been present for quite some time. A disease that creeps up on an individual and allows them to lose sight of themselves. Its an illness that overwhelms a person so much that they mistake negative aspects as positive reinforcements.

This ailment is called STUPID BITCH SYNDROME. To understand this concept one must clear their mind from the fact that the word “bitch” is being used. I want my readers to accept the term as just that. A term. Meaning the name itself shouldn’t afflict harm to any given individual. Its only used when individuals are in fact exhibiting such characteristics that apply to the term. In the excerpts to follow, I will give my readers parts of a guide that I hope will benefit them in ways that are ultimately life changing. The term can be applied to both sexes and is not limited to races or other demographics.

At some point in time we have all experienced this unhealthy situation. Some of us have even gone to the limits of accepting it as part of our everyday lives. So many people are caught up in relationships where ultimately they are not happy. They put up with things that are not healthy for themselves or the relationship period.

So who should read my excerpts on SBS? If you answer yes to at least one of the following questions, you should continue to read.

Have you ever….

looked in the mirror and asked yourself, “What am I doing here?”
Let an issue you know you dont agree with go unspoken?
Had to call on a friend to give you advice? Specifically, the advice you could have given yourself?
Convinced yourself that you were going to leave? Only to find yourself not packing anything
Said you were leaving, left, only to return?

These are only a few examples…probably the most prevalent in not working relationships. The ones that cause the unwanted headaches. As the guide continues to be written you will able to explore many options that define the signs and symptoms of the illness.

You may say to yourself. These are normal problems and that everybody go through things.  But who wants to be apart of ‘everybody?’ A person may also say when you are in love you learn to adapt to your partner’s flaws. This is when the early stage of SBS develops.

Why am I writing this? Well, I have noticed within myself and among others that we have found ourselves in unhappy situations that we ultimately have absolute control of. We just don’t get out before its to late. We succumb to our emotions and let them get the best of us. And that’s when we are stuck. Left to do things we know are not acceptable.

In the next couple of issues I will attempt to analyze the growing trends of Stupid Bitch Syndrome. Hopefully, I will be able to open the eyes of those who are involved in relationships that ultimately won’t work.Stay tuned….

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  • Can't wait to read the guide. I have had this disease before. And I had it for years. The intro is superbly written. Jhou is the best. Especially on this topic.

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