We’re starting a new series here at **Blondie’s Lipstick** celebrating the joy of motherhood. Every issue we will recognize a different mother who is beautiful, strong, fabulous and of course STYLISH!!! Said mother will share with us tips that helped her stay fabulous during those nine months and how she got her sexy back after the arrival of her bundle of joy. 

The first **Fab Mamacita** is the lovely Andrea Brown

>>>How to maintain your fabulousity during pregnancy<<<
1. Make sure that your hair is ALWAYS done or at least maintained. No one likes to see a preggo looking like a nappy headed ***!
2. Make sure that your attire is ALWAYS neat and of course YOUR SIZE. No one likes to see a size small shirt on a LARGE tummy && NO ONE wants to see you when you look as if you just JUMPED out the bed && walked out the door!!! UNLESS you’re in your 9th MONTH!!!!
3. Make sure that you DONT WEAR HIGH HEELS/STILETTOS/PUMPS during your pregnancy at the times when you are SHOWING or even BEFORE. You may slip && fall and HURT your baby, or you may make EXTRA complications that could be avoided. People always look down on the PREGGOS in STILETTOS….TURN OFF!!!
>>>Maintaining it after your bundle of joy has arrived<<<
1. ALWAYS make sure that you have WORKED off your BABY FAT….you cant bounce back STILL looking as if you’re 6mths PREGGO, NO WAY!
2. ALWAYS keep up your wadrobe, doesnt have to be expensive, but make SURE that YOU && BABY are always looking nice, especially in the PUBLIC EYE. DONT lead the public to believe YOU LOST IT!
3.OF COURSE, keep PURSUING the things that you were pursing before, such as SCHOOL < WORK< CAREERS< GOALS, dont use your CHILDBIRTH as an EXCUSE, use it as a BOOST!!!!!! This enhances your KONFIDENCE level, which makes you FABULOUS anyway!
**If you are interested in being featured as next issues **Fab Mamacita** contact me at katinalockhart@ymail.com **Muah!!**

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