I feel….

I feel it…

Running through my veins

Coursing through my blood

Filling my heart

…….And I can’t quite put a name to it.

It’s a new feeling


But new.

It confounds me

Astounds me


Confuses me, all at the same time

Is it okay to feel this way?

Should I feel guilty?

It makes me feel like everything that is good and pure and happy is filling me with this unmistakable
amount of ……..


It almost feels like I should lock it away

And that makes me feel even more guilty

I find myself looking over my shoulder if I smile too big

Paranoid that if someone sees, they may make it go away

I catch myself singing in the shower

…then I stop midsong, scared that if someone hears me

They might take my music away

What is this feeling?

It’s an inch more than happiness

An ounce more than blissful

A mile below perfect

And a teardrop beside content

Even now I’m too afraid to put it to words

But know that I feel it…

I know it’s there

I know it’s real

I can almost taste it

And nobody is going to take it away

Dominique Gaspard
Macon, Ga
Submitted by jhou

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