Last month we told you how to stretch those Summer pieces through Fall but we can’t just leave you hanging without a proper guide on how! My favorite of all the tips was adding tights to a skirt or pair of shorts.

If you think flesh colored stockings are only for business or church, you’re wrong!
When it gets chilly outside but you still want to wear that glam mini dress to the club, throw on those and they won’t clash with your outfit. 

Want to add a little spice? You can’t go wrong with seamed stockings.

Fishnets have come a long way from the stripper pole to main stream. The smaller the “netting” and the darker the color, the easier they’ll blend with your outfit. 

Solid tights were cute when you were little and have made their way back into the spot light. You can find them everywhere in various shades and whether they’re sheer or opaque they add a little oomph to any drab or dull fall outfit.

Now there are always the tricky ones- patterned tights. A solid pattern is as versatile as solid tights but with multicolored tights be careful not to clash or you could end up looking clownish.

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