by Wylie J. Stokeshart

That’s right! You read the title correctly….Whoop Ash! The comical moniker for this wonderful moisturizing cream is quite apropos because it does just what the title says…Whoop Ash. It is an M*U*S*T for anyone who is serious about having great skin and can be used year round.
The packaging is intriguing from the beginning. Its shiny black plastic jar has the hottest Pop Art meets comic strip-inspired label you’ve ever seen. However, the magic begins when the lid is removed and an amazing scent is released. It’s kind of like that fresh, yet opulent scent you get from expensive soap. They call it White Honey Mango & Shea Butter.  I call it Magnificent! From what would seem an unforgivingly-rigid exterior, a generous dollop is produced as you glide your middle and index finger across its pristine surface. No need to worry, its rich consistency insures that it sits firmly on its two finger perch. As you smooth the emollient moisturizer it just melts into your skin. The effect is immediate and your skin feels great. Like an animal in the desert who finally reaches an oasis, your skin drinks and is refreshed. Arms, legs, feet, hands and the rest of your body comes to life. Needless to say, this product really whoops ash. Even though it can be used year round, Whoop Ash works well during the fall and winter months when ashen skin runs rampant.
The company that produces Whoop Ash is Sheree Elizabeth, LLC and is led by the beautiful Sheree Fletcher. Formerly married to superstar Will Smith, and mother of his eldest son Trey, she is now married to former NFL running back Terrell Fletcher. She was motivated to learn more about and develop natural beauty products by reading the book “The Secret Life of Bees”.
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