Looking for something unique to add some flair to your wardrobe? Well look no further than BellaDonna Handbags!! Designed and handmade by its owner, Sonique O’Neal, these bags come with the motto “No jewelry, No makeup, No accessories needed… IT’S ALL IN THE BAG”.
                Always a trendsetter, O’Neal’s brand came as a natural talent. She says “BellaDonna Handbags came about from me doing something I have always enjoyed doing. I am a very artistic and creative person. So, one day I decided to actually use the talent as opposed to wasting it. I started designing the bags, and they started selling.” After viewing a few of her bags it’s plain to see that she specializes in making the ordinary Extraordinary! When asked about her inspiration for her one-of-a-kind accessories she replies “My inspiration all falls around one term, FASHION. I am extremely fashion savvy and want to put that to use. The word “BellaDonna” actually refers to a type of flower. The flower is extremely dangerous but very beautiful. So, in that sense, I want my bags to be looked at as being dangerously beautiful.”
 Want to check out her bags for yourself? Visit her website www.belladonnahb.com where all the bags are posted with a name and description of each. Also you can email her via soniqueoneal@gmail.com or message her on twitter www.twitter.com/damierhippie about any other inquiries. Look forward to big things from O’Neal, because this diva is going places! I personally love BellaDonna Handbags and she has definitely earned the title of **Designer of the Month**.

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