Going through day to day life you will encounter several people and have some type of relationship with each one, be it associate, friend, co-worker, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. Each one serves a different purpose for furthering our growth and development but a lot of times, especially when dealing with matters of the heart, we find it hard to let go once the relationship has run its course. This lack of letting go will eventually end in heartbreak but it doesn’t have to.
                As a young child we are taught the seasons of the year and during these seasons different things happen to the plants and animals. Spring is the time for planting, Summer is the time for growing, Autumn is the time for harvesting and Winter clears everything out to start fresh again in Spring. Relationships are the same way- you meet, get to know each other, gain benefits from the relationship but over time there is no longer an exchange and the relationship has met its end. “But how do I know when it’s time to clear out the old and start new?” That’s frequent questions that easiest to answer- Pay attention. When the seasons are changing we can tell from the temperature, length of days and vegetation- the same goes for us; the change could be in their attitude, actions in public and form of communication (or lack thereof). When you notice these changes communicate with the other person to see if it is something you can change to make the situation better, but if not it is best to bow out gracefully than to cling to something that’s no longer there.
No one ever said the process of letting go would be easy but it must be done or you will stifle your growth as a person over someone who undeserving of what you have to offer. Keep a close watch on the seasons in your relationship and never settle for less than you are worth. I am a firm believer that there is a perfect partner out there for everyone and that you should never give up until you find the one meant for you.

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