For centuries people have known the healing benefits of honey and now you will too! Here are a few interesting ways to use the sweet stuff:

·         Got a blemish? Put a dab of honey on it & cover it with a band-aid. Honey kills the bacteria, speeds healing and works overnight.
·         Dry skin? Use honey to retain moisture or replenish where it is needed
·         Skin inflammation? Honey can take the sting out of sunburn and kill the bacteria in a cold sore
·         Want smooth lips? Smear some honey on your smackers a couple nights before bed and you’ll have kiss ably smooth lips in no time
·         Nail fungus? Best used before bed- smother your hands and nails with honey and cover them with cotton gloves. This is also a good treatment for smooth nails and soft hands.

Not interested in smothering yourself with honey or creating your own beauty remedies? No worries! There are plenty of cosmetics that use honey and offer the same results. One the most known for using honey and other natural ingredients is Burt’s Bees . Also search for products containing the ingredients Manuka Honey- a pure form of honey; and Propolis- a mixture made from different resins collected by honey bees. Either route you choose you’ll be smooth and smelling sweet!

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